About the First Book

Two microchips named SOIC and SOT go on a journey through an electronics assembly line. From shipping boxes, through the soldering process, assembly and test, the chips learn about the world outside, and what they were born to do! The perfect picture book for our littlest electrical engineers and technicians to be.

About the Series

SOIC and SOT (and Friends) is a picture book series created to help provide a first step into the future for children, parents and teachers, and especially those who are not already involved and conversant in technology and microelectronics careers. The specific focus: the microchips in every electronic device kids use. Each book will have corresponding online resources for educators and parents, reachable through QR codes throughout the books.

Titles and Device Name Pronunciations

October 2018: SOIC and SOT: The Microchips ( sō’ĭk and sŏt / ‘soʊɪk and sɔt)

Summer 2019: TSSOP Gets Zapped: with Static Electricity (tē’sŏp / ‘tisɑp)

Summer 2019: MSOP and DPAK: One Hot Day(ĕm’sŏp and dē’păk / ‘ɛmsɑp and ‘dipæk)

About the Author

Jeffrey C. Dunnihoo is an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in semiconductor and system development. A young computer nerd in the early days of 8-bit home-brew computers and Fortran mainframes, Jeff has been awarded several patents and co-authored research papers and the "System Level ESD Co-Design" textbook.

About the Illustrator

Simona M. Ceccarelli has never donned an ESD suit,but she has worn a labcoat for many years. As a professional artist, she now mixes colors instead of chemicals, but the taste for science and technology often leads her to projects that stride art and science. Simona lives in Switzerland, where she illustrates books and other products for children, raises some of her own and tries to keep the sense of wonder forever alive.

About Pragma Media

In the course of Pragma Design’s consulting, the increasing amount of multimedia resources required for the communication and distribution of leading edge technological and educational multimedia has necessitated the launch of Pragma Media in 2018. Additionally, Pragma Media focuses on the educational pipeline entry of Pre-K and entry-level teaching materials, curricula and instructional electronic systems worldwide, especially targeted at technologically developing areas.